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I hope you will enjoy these streets, alleys, and public byways.

You might want to take a turn into Blog: A Novel, or, An Essai of the Psychopathology of Democracy in America 1939-2020, narrated by Old Man Who Thinks Out Loud.   (Brief Intro to that.)  My purpose is to contribute to nonviolent resistance against destruction of life by persons who are driven by fear, ignorance, and selfishness. I try to contribute by succinctly and clearly stating the obvious. (Obvious unless you are in denial. When I showed symptoms of clogged arteries I went into denial until it was almost too late. People can do that with any obvious reality. Some people take their denial all the way into death—their own and/or somebody else’s. Tabu is the supreme denial, via sublimation. One of the gods kept hidden in every tabu is the supreme god, reality.)

I aim for accurate descriptions of reality. Truth overwhelms fear, ignorance, and selfishness by exposing them to clarity, thereby transforming their energies into courage, awareness, and generosity. It transforms divisiveness and exploitation into community, and replaces dictatorship with democracy. From nothing comes love. Of the unconscious is made delight.

Imagine that! (fully)

Of course this blog is composed mostly of my opinions, including suspicions, educated guesses, and descriptions and conclusions based on established fact and arrived at with logic. Sometimes my opinions are mistaken, or at least partially. I think my biases are quite obvious, and I want them to be.

I’m grateful for my current good fortune. I always have the option of getting into bed.

So what else? Let’s see:

An Ordinary World (collected poems ca. 1959-2006).

I’ve ended all activities of Barnwood, except selling the remaining stock of books. A few years ago, when Apple terminated it’s publishing apparatus, I tried building a new home for The Barnwood International Poetry Mag. That didn’t work out well, and I decided that Barnwood (imprint originated in 1975, nonprofit founded in 1978) had made it’s contribution to the art of poetry.

Enjoy the walk!

But wait! Who is this guy who’s coming along?

Opinionated artist, poet, and editor.

A few facts:  Born just before the war, in Fort Wayne IN.  During WW2 played with backyard chickens in a small TX town near a huge Army Air Corp base.  B-29s.  Boyhood after the war in woods on northwest margin of Fort Wayne.  Excellent high school education at FW North.  Painful, of course.  English and Comparative Lit specializations at Miami of OH and Indiana U.  Doctoral spec. in American poetry.  Glorious teaching at IU, GW in DC, but mostly at BSU back in IN.   American poetry, creative writing.  Initiated and directed BSU Creative Writing Program.  Founded Barnwood imprint in 1975; incorporated as 501(c)3 with poets Thom Tammaro, Sheila Coghill, Michael Tate in 1978.

Retired to write, edit, paint, and study italiano, et le francais, in Seattle where lots of kids/grandkids live, plus some travel.

[The previous site for the mag and Barnwood Press, plus my poems, art, and opinions is no longer accessible.  Nor are the following:  My art (selected, through early 2012). I think my drawing and painting have improved since then, and I’m hoping to offer some examples of more recent work.  The Barnwood International Poetry Mag (online).  Great Finds (the Barnwood online chapbook series, # 1-9).  Recent Barnwood Press books.    A previous working draft re. why I support the Occupy movement on behalf of 99% of Americans,  Occupy.]


  1. Jay permalink

    Hi Tom,

    I stumbled across your page tonight and would love to know if you have any copies of your collection available. Let me know!

    • Hi Jay – Many thanks for reading! At this point I have a few copies of chapbooks, but the collection is only available in this electricity (linked above plus some new things scattered throughout).

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